Seeking the source – a conversation on the Whiskey, Jazz, and Leadership Podcast

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Have you ever been a “long time listener, first time caller”?

That was me on this episode of the Whiskey, Jazz and Leadership Podcast! I was honored to get to talk with Galen Bingham about life, leadership, coaching, jazz, and – of course – whiskey. (We were both enjoying some Uncle Nearest.)

If you don’t yet subscribe to this podcast, I’d recommend you do it today. Galen has amazing guests that give practical strategies and thought prompts to help you grow. It doesn’t matter if you have positional leadership. Nor does it matter if you’re not so into jazz or whiskey.

Galen guides his guests through conversations that apply to living our life with excellence and influencing others.

In this conversation, I mention some of my favorite conversations he’s had including:

  • Dave Peacock (former President of Anheuser-Busch)
  • Connie St. John (so much to learn from her!)
  • Jim Dinkins (CEO of Honey Baked Ham Company)
  • and Shayna Hammond and Tamara L. McMillan (I loved listening to how these amazing leaders speak truth and liberation)

I also mentioned how much I love La’Vista Jones’s BOSS Talk podcast!

This conversation is in 2 parts. (And if you become a VIP in his Patreon community, you can here a bonus 3rd part.)

The first part is at:

The second is coming soon.


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