Here at The Concord Leadership Group, we offer leadership training services tailored to your needs.
Here are the top services people most frequently hire us to provide.


Increasingly, smart CEOs are expected to lead without experience in one or more key areas. They lack leadership training in meeting tough revenue goals, creating effective strategic plans, dealing with aggressive media, or working with often well-meaning but poorly oriented board members. Without structured training, many leaders uncritically default to imitating they think leaders are supposed to do. Only to find it doesn’t work. So they become stuck in a cycle of experimenting with new strategies but not finding one that works.

This cycle can cost tens of thousands of dollars in staff turnover and lost donors.

Organizations are discovering what high-performing athletes have known all along: coaching helps top performers excel. CLG is hired by CEOs, board chairs, and senior leaders to coach on a number of issues. Some clients need to improve staff relations, some need to hit goals more consistently, some were never properly oriented and need an informed sounding board as they grow into their new position.

The CLG Quadrant 3 Leadership model combines the centuries old truth of character studies and the cutting edge findings of neuroscience. Utilizing a mix of assessments and scheduled calls, clients either do one-on-one executive coaching or have Concord Leadership Group work individually with a team of senior leaders in the organization.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients develop into high performing leaders without compromising their values or their integrity. Leaders say they grow in confidence with making strategic decisions, raising money, working with their board, and helping their staff. And their staff report that our clients become calmer, more confident, easier to work with, and more clear in their expectations. This results both in increased productivity and in double digit increases in staff satisfaction.

Nonprofit executive coaching is one of the most highly-customized forms of leadership training. Clients have used our executive coaching for problems as diverse as:

  • transitioning into a brand new CEO role at a large international nonprofit;
  • fulfilling the responsibilities of being an effective board chair;
  • finding common ground with a divisive staff conflict in the context of a unionized work force; and
  • creating appropriate fundraising systems that help executive directors manage their fundraising teams.

Strategic Intensives

Strategic Intensives can be with large or small teams

At the Concord Leadership Group, we have pioneered a process we call “Strategic Intensives.” This highly flexible format involves a very focused, facilitated discussion on the topics most important to the leaders. This involves clearly defined goals and comprehensive surveying of the participants; then skilled conversation facilitation that results in inspiring vision casting, understandable goal setting, and clear task assignments. Teams leave refreshed, celebrating what makes them unique, and equipped to seize the opportunities in front of them.

With our strategic intensives, your group won’t be forced into a cookie cutter, out-of-the-box, SWOT analysis type of strategic planning. We help you envision and articulate your future, and develop a realistic plan for getting there.

Clients have used strategic intensives for purposes as diverse as:

  • a 6-8 week board assessment that resulted in overhauling the organizational volunteer leadership structure of the nonprofit;
  • a 2-day leadership forum for an association discussing how to use the latest leadership research in their daily work; and
  • a 4-hour assessment board session to help an organization chart their next 100 years.

Some organizations have even brought a Concord Leadership Group facilitator in to conduct a board orientation for their entire board.

Strategic intensives do not gather dust. Clients consistently implement the plans and are reaping benefits years after the planning.


Many nonprofit staff members are working for new leaders, or leaders new to nonprofits, dealing a level of organizational complexity never before seen in the sector. As a result, the staff either lives in denial, trying to passive aggressively do the things are the same as they were decades ago. Or they clearly see the challenges but feel powerless to address those challenges. Increasingly, organizations are experiencing both extremes at the same workforce.

CLG Founder Marc A. Pitman conducting a leadership training

While some staff turnover is healthy, unwanted turnover costs three to four times as much as retaining an employee. Turnover due to bad leadership is slowly bleeding nonprofits to death, without them even knowing it.

Often, a cultural change is most efficiently sparked by having a group of people in the room, receiving great training. Whether at a conference or with creating a highly interactive session at your nonprofit, your team will get both the inspiration they need to change and practical tools to actually move that change forward.

Clients have used our training services for

  • team building within an entire staff;
  • unifying their organizational culture;
  • teaching personal and organizational goal setting and time management; or
  • for imparting skills like storytelling, fundraising, and marketing.

Whether through, executive coaching, strategic intensives, or our Concord Leadership Group trainings, even stressed staff members on both ends of the spectrum are heard and acknowledged. And all have a part in wording a common goal or vision in line with the nonprofit board’s goals. Teams achieve a deeper understanding of their role, a deeper appreciation for their personal similarities and difference, and leave energized and equipped to bring their enthusiasm to the rest of the organization. Typically, organizations are benefitting from these trainings years after the actual event.

If you are interested one of these services, or would like to talk about a mix of services for your nonprofit, click here to send an email to set up an exploratory call.

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