Identify the Values that Drive You & Your Leadership Development

Core values live where identity and goals overlap—they touch into who you are and how you express what is important to you through your actions. Identifying your own values is probably one of the most helpful exercises you can do for your leadership development to bring clarity to your leadership and your life.

It’s like bringing the internal motivations up to the surface. It lets you make decisions and identify possible areas of stress.

Unfortunately, too often leaders move into leadership positions without examining their own values or the values of the organization. When your values are unknowingly in conflict with those of your company, you’ll experience a confusing stress.

If this sounds like you, an easy way to start identifying your core values is this free values inventory. It lists 102 words and phrases. You choose the ones you most resonate with. And you can choose the ones that seem to fit your team or organization.

Getting clarity on your values helps you navigate the fast-pace of today’s world. Every day, you have to make unplanned decisions. Even if you have a might have a detailed decision-making flow chart, accounting for all contingencies is impossible. Knowing your core values gives you a sort of compass, helping you find the decision in line with who you are and in alignment with what your organization stands for.

This isn’t just a “touchy feely” thing. There are also solid dollars-and-cents reasons to clarify leadership development values at personal and organizational levels. Deloitte’s 2019 Millennial survey reports that 49 percent of Millennials want to leave their position in the next two years. The report revealed that they’re not leaving because of pay. They’re leaving because of values. Most workplaces lack the diversity, inclusion, and collaboration they have experienced growing up. So, they’re willing to leave and look for these qualities somewhere else.

Turnover is expensive. Some say it costs at least 150 percent of the person’s salary. So, take the time to start identifying what you value and communicate that and your company’s values through all levels of your organization.

And the added bonus is it can help you reduce the stress you may be feeling. And give you more clarity as you go through each day.

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