Executive Coaching

The Secret of Successful Leaders

Leading is exhilarating. And it’s grinding. Especially in today’s fast-paced world. 

Competing demands crowd in on you. Conflicting visions of what you “should” be joining knock you around.


Do you ever wonder how other leaders do it?  How they are able to seem poised and calm? 

One secret is having an executive coach. Coaching gives them a safe place to bounce ideas around. And a place to learn from an expert who’s working one-on-one with leaders around the world. 

A person who isn’t responsible for hiring you. Or firing you. 

Not Just Cheerleaders

Clients who come to us often say they are grateful for past coaches who were cheerleaders. But they’re ready for more.

We offer more. We are positive and encouraging. And we believe in you so much, we’ll push you to reach your goals.


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Having an executive coach is like having a personal trainer. But rather than training for your body, this is personal training for your life.

Concord Leadership Group coaching programs are like an executive-level professional development conference that comes to your office.

At conferences you get lots of great information and techniques, but it’s easy to forget them when you get back to work. With coaching, you get to create strategies in your real day-to-day life and keeping working at them until they work for you!

“Marc is the CEO’s coach. He knows leadership and the workings of a nonprofit, especially from the CEO perspective. His insight is helpful with things as varied as nonprofit board dynamics, personnel management, and donor strategy. I like how he’s dynamic in front of groups and easy going one-on-one. Marc helps the whole leader, available as a sounding board for both work and life. He discretely and professionally helps CEO’s lead in their unique style, not letting them get forced into someone else’s mold.”
Mark Vogelzang

CEO, Maine Public

What you get as an Executive Coach coaching client

As an Executive Coaching client, you’ll get:

  • Regularly scheduled calls

    Each week, you’ll speak with your executive coach, CLG CEO Marc A. Pitman. These 45-minute scheduled calls help you keep you moving forward toward completion of your goals. At the end of each call, you’ll agree on your “homework”- the tasks you’ll complete before the next call.

    These calls are yours. You have complete choice over what you focus on each week. You can even choose to include members of your team.

  • In-between phone & email support

    The scheduled calls are powerful, but leadership happens between the calls. So as an executive coaching client, you have virtually unlimited email and phone support with your coach. If something comes up, you can shoot your coach an email without having to worry if the “meter is running.” It’s included. And encouraged!

  • Assessments and Tools

    You’ll get the assessments and tools you need to grow even more into the leader you can be. The best of the industries tools are included in your coaching!

“Do consultants need coaches? Yes! Just as we give our clients a morale boost, we sometimes need an outside morale boost too. That is why I hired Marc as my coach. Recently, during a tough period of a project, I wondered how I could boost morale of my client when I was discouraged too. By asking keen questions, he re-energized me. I walked into the next client meeting with confidence! Now, the project is back on tracking and succeeding again. I am so thankful for Marc’s words of wisdom and his generosity with me.”
Chany Ockert

CEO, Chany Ockert Consulting LLC

Proud member of

International Coach Federation

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