Your people require a lot from you. That was easier before you were promoted because you had more supervision. Now, there’s no one to go to for advice and no one to take responsibility if things go wrong. That’s a hard pill to swallow in 2023 when we’re seeing challenges we’ve never seen before, like

  • employees who choose to just do their job and nothing more,
  • a whole generation that discussed their values and mental health throughout school and now expect that conversation to continue at work,
  • a post-quarantine workforce that knows they don’t have to be “butts in seats” to be productive and who consequently want to get their work done whenever and wherever they want.

You probably feel a lot of pressure right now because you think employees and stakeholders want certainty in the face of all this current upheaval. They’ll even tell you that’s what they want. But we’d like to challenge that. We’ve worked with hundreds of leaders in as many organizations over the last two decades, and you know what our research, assessments, surveys, experience, and, most of all, our clients’ success have shown us?

Your organization doesn’t need your certainty.

It needs your confidence in your own ability to lead.

All of your old support systems are gone now, but it has to be that way. It has to be that way because the journey of the leader is moving away from looking to others for answers and instead toward learning to trust yourself. But it’s a path you haven’t been down before. 

That’s OK. We have.

Hundreds of times. Did we say that? The answers you’ve been searching for have been hard to find up to this point. But hard to find doesn’t mean hard to do. Our approach is a simple one. But it’s also top secret, so we’ll just give you an example. We once worked with a CEO who was on his way out because the workers’ union didn’t like him. They said, among other things, he talked down to them. He was 6’2”. And when he’d go get reports from his directors, he’d stand there, looming in the doorway. So we suggested he try sitting in a chair because he was literally talking down to them. 

His approval rating jumped by 14%.

It’s just a fun example of how simple the solutions can be. When you know where to look.

We know where to look. We can show you the way.

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