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Nonprofit leadership has got to be one of the hardest jobs in the world. In a business, you are the boss and you serve your customers who provide your revenue. Not so in nonprofits. In nonprofits:

  • Your boss is a board of directors who are only your boss as the entire board but sometimes act like they each are you individuals bosses
  • Your staff is often great but they expect you to have the answers, not to be asking them questions
  • You serve your mission (feeding hungry, preserving history, helping animals, etc.) – but that doesn’t provide your revenue
  • This other group of donors provides your revenue, but they often have demands of their own.

Those are enough demands to pull a nonprofit leader apart. But add to that the unprecedented political, economic, and demographic turbulence of leading in this day in age and you have the makings of one of the most stressful positions ever!

But one of the best too. Nonprofit leadership can be amazingly fulfilling. But the demands are relentless enough to chip away at the confidence of even the most seasoned leader. You need the best, researched help to be able to bring your nonprofit into its best years yet.

That’s why the Concord Leadership Group exists. For the past twenty years we’ve been working with nonprofit leaders at all levels to help:

  • Retain key staff by balancing the needs of their position with their skills and abilities
  • Stabilize or boost revenue by finding new money and appropriately retaining past donors
  • Cultivate leaders adept at accomplishing their mission without losing the big picture.
  • And to navigate the changing times with a quiet confidence that they have the tools to lead their board and staff through the unknown obstacles that lie ahead.

Based in both original leadership research and on-the-ground actual experience, The Concord Leadership Group takes leaders through a process called The Leader’s JourneyTM. The Journey shows leaders, often for the first time, the systems and tools need to grow themselves back into confident leadership. And to grow their organization into a vibrant one that makes the most positive impact possible on the world. Through executive coaching, board and staff leadership training, and extended group coaching, nonprofit CEOs discover they no longer need to lead alone.

And this approach works.

Our clients express higher work satisfaction while working with CLG. Based on public records, our clients see an average of 37% boost in revenue, even while other nonprofits in their sector lose millions of dollars.

Click here to download the summary of our most recent leadership report. Or check out our services and blog for help for you and your team.


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