Daily Planning Focus Sheet


Isn’t it frustrating to get to the end of your day having tended to everyone else’s needs but not your own? Wish there were a way to focus on what’s most important to you?

This free planning sheet will do just that. You’ll get the tool AND a full page of instructions on how to use it.

Just fill it page each day and find yourself moving forward on your most important goals while you put out other people’s fires!

A Focused Day

Here is a process to make it even more focused. No longer just being reactive to other people’s urgencies, this will help you keep moving forward on your priorities. You don’t need a special form, just a piece of paper, journal, or planner where you list calls and meetings, projects, and follow-ups.

In the “calls/meetings” section, handwrite the time of each call and the name of the person it is with. Then note a few points that you want to cover in that call or meeting. In the “projects” area, list major projects you are working on and jot down any necessary next actions. And in the “follow- ups” section, quickly brainstorm a list of needed follow-ups— for example people you need to call, emails you need to write, and so on.

Simple. But powerful. This brief, informal advanced planning will help you get through the unpredictability of the day without losing track of the most important priorities. In fact, thinking about the day’s to-dos in advance can help you feel more in control and better equipped when dealing with all the unforeseen.

Feeling like you are not prepared for the next meeting because you are constantly trying to tame your schedule into a controlled system can be soul crushing. But if you can glance at your daily focus sheet and instantly recall how your smaller objectives fit into the big picture, you build quiet confidence in yourself and your leadership abilities.

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