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“The Nonprofit Sector Leadership Study is an outstanding report on the state of leadership at all levels in organizations. It is the type of research our sector has been needing for decades. Full of powerful ideas, every CEO and board should read this report. More importantly, they should work to implement the recommendations suggested by the research. Insecure leadership is harming nonprofits, this study holds the keys to help leaders rebuild confidence, within their teams and with their communities. Just think what that could mean for your organization’s mission!”

– Jay Love
CEO, Bloomerang

“The Concord Leadership Group’s Nonprofit Sector Leadership Report is a must read for nonprofit leaders and board members. The lack of strategic alignment on vision and cascading goals – along with the tragic underfunding of communication and marketing – are putting significant, daily barriers in the way of organizations we need, as a society, to succeed.”

Rachel Hutchisson
VP, Corporate Citizenship & Philanthropy
Blackbaud, Inc.
(Board member, volunteer, CSR professional)

“This data is critical to nonprofit leaders as it demonstrates the value of strategic and succession planning. Without a strong foundation in those areas, growth and impact are compromised. Also, recruiting and retaining talented staff members can be especially challenging in the nonprofit world. Without an eye on this critical area, it is difficult for nonprofit organizations to stay competitive and the ill effects of poor leadership only complicate this issue. The information in this report can be used by leaders to make sure they position their organizations for maximum impact.”

Pearl Wright
Marketing and Communications Director, Choice Humanitarian

“The Concord Leadership Group tells us what true leaders have already accepted: not planning strategically is just tempting fate. Without a plan, you are betting other people’s future on your continued dumb luck.

“Unfortunately, as this study shows, even large nonprofits are not doing this basic strategic planning. Nonprofits are currently putting themselves unnecessarily at risk. Nonprofit leaders need to share this study with their team and make this report part of their organization’s professional development. The data-based ideas in The Nonprofit Sector Leadership Study will help you ensure your nonprofit has the biggest impact possible.”

Bill Tedesco
CEO, DonorSearch

“In their latest report, the Concord Leadership Group has unearthed a growing concern in our industry. We’re about to witness a seismic shift in leadership from the baby boomer guard to a new generation of leaders with new ideas. It’s time to dig into this report so we can prepare for and embrace this formidable change in the nonprofit sector.”

Randy Hawthorne
Executive Director, Nonprofit Hub

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