Do you ever feel like you’re at the end of your rope, needing something that will help clients get unstuck?

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Introducing: Quadrant 3 Leadership
Coaching Certification

A 10-week coaching certification showing you how to stay sane
while helping your clients get unstuck

Have you ever had a client who seems to have the same coaching call…week after week? 

Rather than doing their work, they’re just spinning their wheels. Full of excuses for why they aren’t making progress. 

Does it feel like you want their growth more than they do? And you worry you don’t have the tools to navigate them through this inertia? 

I get it. I’ve been there.

A few years ago, I had a client that made my head spin. He was successful, seemingly inspite of himself. I started dreading our calls because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. It started to feel like I must not be a good coach. Like I wasn’t the right person to move him forward. 

That forced me to analyze all my coach training, my graduate studies in organizational leadership, and my more than a dozen years of growing a coaching practice.

That process helped me pull together set of tools. Tools that helped this client get unstuck. And tools that helped me regain my confidence.I’ve been using these tools ever since.

I call them the Quadrant 3 Leadership framework.

Now you can learn the same tools. They are a time-tested set of strategies and practices that give you confidence in every coaching call. With them, you know you have multiple ways to help the person you’re coaching. The Quadrant 3 Leadership Certification will not only show you the framework, you’ll understand what tool or strategy is appropriate to use in any given situation. And, unlike other coach certification programs, you’ll even learn how to grow your practice in the process.


The Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification

This program is specifically designed to give you the tools to specifically help your clients through stop spinning their wheels.

In this 10-week, in-depth certification course, we’ll break down each topic in detail. Each week, we’ll

  • meet for 90 minutes to delve into a topic,
  • take action on that tool or strategy, and
  • share what we’re learning so we all benefit from the real-world application and discoveries.

In this program, you’ll

  • Learn why coaching is different from consulting or managing – and an essential skill needed for leading
  • Understand why all high performers get stuck – and how to get them moving again
  • Experience over a dozen real-world, time-tested ways to help your clients more forward – giving you confidence for each call
  • Market your coaching and grow your practice during the course – even if you’re a coach within a company

Hurry! Apply before January 17, 2022!

What You Will Learn

Coaching and Leading

January 19, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Learn how coaching fits in your leadership toolkit and business plan

Understand how to position this in your work with those you coach

The Leadership Journey

January 26, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Discover the four stages every leader goes through

Learn the keys to identifying where those you coach currently are

Hardwiring Impact on Leading

February 2, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Discover how personality assessments you’re already using make a 3-level “hardwiring stack” 

Learn how this framework will help you navigate clients through doubt and inertia

How Story Helps & Self-Sabotages

February 9, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Understand the 4 ways to help those you coach expose their unconscious stories

Analyze how these stories may be unknowingly sabotaging their current efforts

Goal Setting for the Entire Person

February 16, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Examine why traditional goal setting falls short

Learn a method to help those you coach rediscover deeply buried, or even forgotten, goals and dreams

Discover a system to help your clients set goals that lead to right action  


The Compass-Like Impact of Mission & Values

February 23, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Convincingly share the power of a mission statement and show your client how to use it to orient their daily work

Learn how to help those you coach clearly identify their values and to show them how this will help them make better, faster decisions in the midst of their busy schedules

Helping Clients Organize Their Days and Weeks

March 2, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Learn a method of daily focus that can help even your most distracted clients

See the power in weekly planning to help those you coach take action on the things that are most important to them

Exactly How to Use All These Tools with Clients

March 9, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Understand the power in the Quadrant 3 non-linear system – allowing you to meet those you coach where they are

 Analyze your current clients or direct reports and identify which tool might be right for them to explore next

How to Effectively Market Your Coaching

March 16, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

High performers aren’t used to asking for help so you’ll explore ways to make it easier for them to choose to work with you

Discover set-it-and-forget-it marketing strategies that work while you are doing other things

Learn the power of speak the “dialect” of your perfect prospects – whether your growing your practice with new clients or seeking buy-in from within your organization

Graduation & Celebration

March 23, 2022
1 – 2:30 pm Eastern

Having submitted your final test, review your new skills with your classmates

Receive your formal certification and official licensing for using this in training

Embark on the 3-months of follow up coaching!

You’ll leave this certification process with

  • an official Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification that you can list on your website and LinkedIn profile
  • a professional license to use the Quadrant 3 Leadership framework in trainings
  • actual slides for a Surprising Gift of Doubt keynote that you can start offering immediately
  • workbooks for each of the sessions
  • your own copy of The Surprising Gift of Doubt and Coaching for Performance
  • 3-months follow up coaching to help you grow your practice 
  • 36 International Coach Federation CCE hours

36 hours

ICF Continuing Coach Educations hours

Is Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification right for you?

This program is perfect for:

  • Professional coaches wanting to grow their business
  • Consultants wanting to add a coaching practice to their revenue stream
  • And CEOs and managers wanting to learn coaching skills to get their direct reports moving forward on their goals

Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification is best for people with three to five years of management experience. This can be experience earned in from a variety of places: work, community groups, home, or professional associations. We find the real experience helps move the training from mere theory to actionable tasks you can use immediately. 

It is also best for people who’ve experienced failure. This isn’t an academic, theory-only certification. This is grounded in academics and research, but this coach certification is full of practical strategies learned in the real world. People who have known deep disappointment and failure will be able to more quickly catch what we’ll be teaching.

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Qualified for 15.5 ICF CCE hours

The 10-week Quadrant 3 Leadership Coaching Certification includes:

  • Ten 90-minute trainings with Marc Pitman – worth $7,500
  • 3 months of ongoing group coaching – worth $4,500
  • Workbooks for each session – worth $250
  • Licensing as an official Quadrant 3 Leadership Trainer – worth $3,999

That’s $16,249 of value. But you’ll get all this for just $4995.

Or for three easy installments of $1699.

A goal of this certification is provide a diverse experience for all participants and deep exposure to various perspectives and backgrounds. To help make that a reality, limited scholarships are available. If you’re interested in being considered, click the “Enroll now” button to submit an application so we can start the process.

This program comes with a “No risk guarantee.” If within 7 days after the first class you realize this isn’t for you…just ask for your money back. 

Hurry! Apply before January 17, 2022!

Marc A. Pitman, Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification Instructor

Your Instructor: Marc A. Pitman, CFCC, CSP

The Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification program is designed and taught by Marc A. Pitman, CFCC, CSP. A Certified FranklinCovey Coach since 2003, Marc holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership. He’s also the author of eight books including The Surprising Gift of Doubt.

He is a member of the International Coach Federation, the International Enneagram Association, and the National Speakers Association. He currently serves on the board of his state’s chapter of the International Coach Federation.

He is committed to ongoing education and research. And he’s an experienced practitioner. He’s used the tools in this program to create and grow a globally recognized coaching practice. And he’s excited to show you how you can grow your own practice!


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CSP Certified Speaking Professional
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“Beware the faint of heart: this program is not your average educational experience. This process – in conjunction with my own journey as a coachee – has been transformative. Not only did I add a whole bunch of tools to my toolbox, but I’ve really reframed and clarified the way I think about how best to support my clients in a way that honors and supports their inner awesomeness.

“Sure, I could have read the books on my own (and often I do). But there’s no way I would have come out feeling like I could actually do the thing. The difference for me was in Marc’s thoughtful design, masterful facilitation, and intentional community-building.”

Ashley Belanger

Ashley H. Belanger Consulting

“I’m thrilled to add the Quadrant 3 Leadership coaching certification to my consulting practice. Not only has the training been helpful in improving my current work with clients but it’s opened up another line of services that I can offer to new and existing clients.

“This has created a wonderful opportunity to go back to previous clients and work with them again. I’m also able to add these services to prospective clients as a value-add, making proposals even more successful.

“If you’re currently consulting and want to improve your practice or add a highly in-demand revenue stream, this certification is an absolute must. I’m on track to get a 200% return on investment from this training alone in the next year!”

Cherian Koshy

Slingshot Consulting

Hurry! Apply before January 17, 2022!

ICF Continuing Coach Educations hours

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