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What do you do when your team

isn’t responding to your leadership?

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When you move into a leadership role, no one really prepares you for the rude awakening you get when you realize the position itself carries little authority to get anyone to do anything. 

It’s like becoming a cat owner. The cat didn’t get the memo that you own it or that you are in any way in charge. You have to get into relationship with the cat. It has to learn to trust you, to see you have its best interests at heart. It has to want to do things for you.

Plenty of cat books out there, but you probably weren’t handed a leadership manual when you got promoted. And what got you promoted isn’t helping you lead your team.

So how do you get your team unstuck?

And how do you get unstuck when you know you have good practices and skills but you feel like you don’t have the tools to help your team navigate through team inertia? How do you get unstuck if you’re feeling bewildered and losing confidence in your own ability to lead?

The Genesis of a System

I faced the same problem a few years ago when I was working with a CEO who made my head spin. Outwardly, he was very successful. He ran a growing organization that was well-respected, but as we worked together, I realized his success seemed to be in spite of himself.

Our calls started to become low points in my week. I’d see them coming up in my calendar, and I would feel this sense of dread because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Like I couldn’t help him. Like I just wasn’t the right person to move him forward.

My dread turned to drive as I began to rebuild from the ground up what I had learned over two decades of coaching leaders and growing a coaching practice and as I started to question many assumptions I’d made while getting my masters in organizational leadership development.

Out of that time emerged a system and a set of tools that proved to be just what I needed to be able to get that CEO not just moving again but increasing his organization’s revenue by 35% that year—and to help me regain and increase my confidence in being able to help businesspeople get unstuck.

A System to get you and your team unstuck

That system and those tools are the foundation of the coaching program I now teach called the Quadrant 3 Leadership Framework, a leadership development coaching system so strong it’s accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

This is a time-tested set of strategies and practices forged in the fire of real-world application with thousands of leaders and team members across hundreds of corporations, nonprofits, organizations, and government agencies around the world. 

  • These are the strategies and practices that will give you the confidence you’ve been wanting to feel in every call and meeting. 
  • These are the tools that will equip you with multiple ways to help each person you work with get motivated to get back into action. 
  • This is the certification program that will give you the framework to know just what strategy, practice, or tool is most appropriate to unleash your team’s productivity.

This is Quadrant 3 Leadership

Applications now open for the July 2024 Cohort

(and here’s an article about how to show your cat you’re a boss)

“What surprised me was the depth of the program. I found that I would get to apply what I was learning in real-time. I was amazed that we could use what we were learning with our clients, even as we were learning it. I highly recommend this certification. It challenged me, grew me, and gave me a format I can use to help others that is in line with my values. This program made me more confident. And I realized, I am good at this!”

Kishshana Palmer

Kishshana & Co

“We are so lucky to have this leadership coaching certification as a resource for our team. As a consulting agency we are always looking for ways to refine our teams skills and grow in our own coaching practices. We invest with Q3LC certification because we get practical skills that are easy to apply for big results.”

Samantha Swaim

Swaim Strategies


The Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification

This ICF-accredited program is specifically designed to give you the tools to specifically help your clients or direct reports stop spinning their wheels.

In this in-depth certification course, we’ll break down each topic in detail. In each module, we’ll

  • take a deep dive into select strategies you can use,
  • have space to talk about it with the other class participants,
  • take real-world action on that tool or strategy, and
  • share what we’re discovering as we adapt the framework into our existing jobs and businesses.

In this program, you’ll

  • Learn why coaching is different from consulting or managing – and why coaching is an essential skill needed for leading
  • Discover why all high performers get stuck – and how to get them moving again
  • Experience over a dozen real-world, time-tested ways to help your clients more forward – giving you confidence for each call
  • Market your coaching and grow your practice during the course – even if you’re a coach within a team or organizations

Applications now open for the July 2024 Cohort

“I originally joined to add something to my resume to possibly provide an option after retirement. It seemed an easy choice for me, throughout my career I have almost always been the leader/supervisor etc. Since being in a Cohort, I have become a better leader in my job and for my team. My mindset really changed to being about empowering my team members to be their best. So, maybe I will become a consultant after my retirement, but I have transformed to a better coach for my team and I am beginning to see changes in my team.”

Jennifer Friedley

Midland Care

You Will Learn All This!

Coaching and Leading

Learn how coaching fits in your leadership toolkit and business plan

Understand how to position this in your work with those you coach

The Leadership Journey

Discover the four stages every leader goes through

Learn the keys to identifying where those you coach currently are

Hardwiring Impact on Leading

Discover how personality assessments you’re already using make a 3-level “hardwiring stack” 

Learn how this framework will help you navigate clients through doubt and inertia

How Story Helps & Self-Sabotages

Understand the 4 ways to help those you coach expose their unconscious stories

Analyze how these stories may be unknowingly sabotaging their current efforts

Goal Setting for the Entire Person

Examine why traditional goal setting falls short

Learn a method to help those you coach rediscover deeply buried, or even forgotten, goals and dreams

Discover a system to help your clients set goals that lead to right action  


The Compass-Like Impact of Mission & Values

Convincingly share the power of a mission statement and show your client how to use it to orient their daily work

Learn how to help those you coach clearly identify their values and to show them how this will help them make better, faster decisions in the midst of their busy schedules

Helping Clients Organize Their Days and Weeks

Learn a method of daily focus that can help even your most distracted clients

See the power in weekly planning to help those you coach take action on the things that are most important to them

Exactly How to Use All These Tools with Clients

Understand the power in the Quadrant 3 non-linear system – allowing you to meet those you coach where they are

 Analyze your current clients or direct reports and identify which tool might be right for them to explore next

How to Effectively Market Your Coaching

High performers aren’t used to asking for help so you’ll explore ways to make it easier for them to choose to work with you

Discover set-it-and-forget-it marketing strategies that work while you are doing other things

Learn the power of speak the “dialect” of your perfect prospects – whether your growing your practice with new clients or seeking buy-in from within your organization

Graduation & Celebration

Having submitted your final test, review your new skills with your classmates

Receive your formal certification and official licensing for using this in training

Embark on the 3-months of follow up coaching!

You’ll leave this certification process with

  • an official Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification that you can list on your website and LinkedIn profile
  • a professional license to use the Quadrant 3 Leadership framework in trainings with your team or clients
  • the actual slides for the “Surprising Gift of Doubt” keynote that you can start selling immediately
  • workbooks for each of the sessions
  • your own copy of both The Surprising Gift of Doubt and Coaching for Performance
  • 3-months follow up coaching with the growing community of Q3LC coaches to help you grow your practice 
  • 36 International Coaching Federation CCE hours!

36 hours

ICF Continuing Coach Educations hours
Quadrant 3 Coach Certification books

“This program made me a better leader for my team and the techniques learned has turned me into a resource for other leaders in my organization”

Amy Lazoff

Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo

“This training created a comprehensive coaching framework that I could use for making coaching accessible to non-traditional clients. And it showed me how to establish a culture of coaching throughout our organization.”

Paul Malkemes

The Boston Project Ministries

Is Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification right for you?

This program is perfect for:

  • CEOs and managers feeling like they’ve missed the interaction manual for their new position.
  • Professional coaches wanting to refresh their leadership development skills and grow their business.
  • And consultants wanting to add a coaching practice to their revenue stream.

Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification is best for people with three to five years of management experience. This can be experience earned in from a variety of places: work, community groups, home, or professional associations. We find your real-world experience helps move the training from mere theory to actionable tasks you immediately use. 

Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification is also best for people who’ve experienced failure. This isn’t an academic, theory-only certification. While absolutely grounded in academics and research, this coach certification is full of practical strategies learned in the real life. People who have known deep disappointment and failure will be able to more quickly catch what we’ll be teaching.

Apply Today!

The size of this program is limited. Get your application in now!

Applications now open for the July 2024 Cohort

“In my role as executive director, having the skills to coach my team is directly correlated to the incredible outcomes we achieve. Those we get to work with deserve to have the best of me and my team in every interaction.

“Becoming a certified Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach enhanced my skills, filled my toolbox, and affirmed who I want to be as a leader.

As leaders, we spend so much energy pouring into others. This is a chance to invest in yourself. An investment that will pay high dividends for those you work with. those you lead, and for you. Say yes to becoming an even better YOU today!”

Dawn Cogan

St. Mark Youth Enrichment


Qualified for 15.5 ICF CCE hours

The Quadrant 3 Leadership Coaching Certification includes:

  • Fifteen hours of trainings with Marc Pitman – worth $31,000
  • 3 months of ongoing group coaching – worth $4,500
  • Workbooks for each session – worth $250
  • Licensing as an official Quadrant 3 Leadership Trainer – worth $10,999

That’s $46,749 of value.
But you’ll get all this for just $9,995.

Or for three easy installments of $3,500.

A central goal of this certification is provide a diverse experience for all participants and deep exposure to various perspectives and backgrounds. To help make that a reality, limited partial scholarships are available. If you’re interested in being considered, simply answer the scholarship question when you apply.

This program comes with a “No risk guarantee.” If within 7 days you realize this isn’t for you…just ask for your money back. 

Applications now open for the July 2024 Cohort

Marc A. Pitman, leadership coach and coach certification provider

Your Instructor: Marc A. Pitman, CFCC, CSP

The Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification program is designed and taught by Marc A. Pitman, CFCC, CSP. A Certified FranklinCovey Coach since 2003, Marc holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership. He’s also the author of eight books including The Surprising Gift of Doubt.

Marc is a member of the International Coach Federation, the International Enneagram Association, and the National Speakers Association. He currently serving at president of the board of the International Coaching Federation’s South Carolina state chapter.

He is committed to ongoing education and leadership development research. And he’s an experienced practitioner. More importantly, he’s actually used the tools in this program to create and grow a globally recognized coaching practice. And he’s excited to show you how you can grow your own practice!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an accredited coaching certification?
Yes! The Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach certification program is proudly accredited by the International Coach Federation. ICF-accredited education has gone through a rigorous review process and demonstrated that its curriculum aligns with the ICF definition of coaching, Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. Should you want to pursue further ICF credentialing, you’ll be able to apply this certification to that process!
How much does this certification program cost?

The course, including the 10-weeks of training, the exercises, the books, and the 3 months of ongoing support are being offered for just $9,995. You can pay that all at once or choose the installment option of three installments at $3,500 each.

When are the next sessions?

The next cohort will be a 5-week session, meeting on the Mondays in July.

The September 2024 cohort will start September 25, 2024 and go for 10 weeks.

Other cohorts may be added to the 2024 schedule so apply to be notified.

How much time will the course take?

Great question! This is a coaching certificate accredited for 36 continuing education credits. So this will require class time and additional homework.

In addition to five 2.5 hours class times, you will be reading both The Surprising Gift of Doubt and Coaching for Performance. (Both will be sent to you upon acceptance into the program.)

Since this is designed for working professionals, much of the rest of the program is designed to be done in conjunction with your normal work. 

Where is the class?
Great question! We meet on Zoom. This means there’s no need for travel! And this lets people from all over the world participate.
What happens if I miss a class?
Great question. This program is designed for busy leaders. While attendance is expected, if you have to miss a class, don’t worry. Since this is done on Zoom, each class is recorded. You’ll have access to it so you can catch up.
Is this program 5 weeks or 10 weeks?

Yes! We offer this coaching certification is a 10-week course. But from time to time, we offer a version of the ten modules in 5-weeks. If you’re interested in the 5-week version, let Marc know by sending an email to

Are there scholarship options?

Yes. A goal of this certification is to provide a diverse experience for all participants and deep exposure to various perspectives and backgrounds. To help make that a reality, limited partial scholarships are available. If you are interested in being considered for a partial scholarship, simply answer the scholarship question on the application.

I'm not a coach or consultant. Is this the right program for me?

Great question! While coach certification makes sense for coaches and consultants, it’s also perfect for CEOs and other leaders who realize leadership requires new skills. While we get rewarded as employees for solving problems, leaders doing the same start getting called “micro-managers.” Leadership requires an ability to help others solve problems. Leadership requires coaching skills. Skills this program teaches. So, yes, it likely is the right program for you.

I love this but I'm not sure if the timing is right.

We often hear this. What we observe is that people who really want to do this course but put it off, keep putting it off. Never finding the “perfect time.” Ultimately, only you can determine if the timing is right or not. But perhaps, this time is as good as any!

“Beware the faint of heart: this program is not your average educational experience. This process – in conjunction with my own journey as a coachee – has been transformative. Not only did I add a whole bunch of tools to my toolbox, but I’ve really reframed and clarified the way I think about how best to support my clients in a way that honors and supports their inner awesomeness.

“Sure, I could have read the books on my own (and often I do). But there’s no way I would have come out feeling like I could actually do the thing. The difference for me was in Marc’s thoughtful design, masterful facilitation, and intentional community-building.”

Ashley Belanger

Ashley H. Belanger Consulting

Applications now open for the July 2024 Cohort

A Central goal of this certification is to provide a diverse experience for all participants and deep exposure to various perspectives and backgrounds. To help make that a reality, a limited number of partial scholarships are available.

If you’re interested in being considered for a partial scholarship, please answer the scholarship question on the application.

ICF Continuing Coach Educations hours

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