We stand against systems and structures that grind leaders to a pulp, sucking all they can out of them before spitting them out only to be replaced by the next victim.

We stand against systems that, by their very structure, isolate leaders. Systems that pull leaders apart, causing them to despair, creating the feeling that they’re never going to be enough, that they’ll never be quite the right fit.

We oppose the insidious poverty mindset that leadership means being crushed by the burdens of the organization. That leaders have to constantly go without and make do with what they have. That “real” leaders shouldn’t need to work on leadership, they should just lead.

We believe the world needs bold leaders. Leaders who bind boldness with compassion. Leaders who accomplish great things by lifting up the people around them. Leaders who extend that compassion to themselves, too.

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We believe leaders exist at all levels and in all places of an organization. Leadership is more than a title – leadership is about influencing others.

We believe anybody can become a leader.

We love seeing people become their best selves. We love showing people the good they’re already doing; the unique contribution they’re already making. When they find their gifts and sense their purpose, they can choose to amplify these traits – benefiting everyone around them, including themselves. We love witnessing the internal solidity and stability that leaders experience in this process.

We love acting as a type of midwife in this transformation. We love helping leaders see that what might look like the end might really be a glorious new beginning. As glorious a beginning as that of a caterpillar transformed into a butterfly. A transformation so complete, there’s no danger of going back. And no desire to go back.

We’re committed to making it ridiculously easy for leaders at all levels to get the help they need to take the next steps in their leadership journey. We’re committed to transforming families, communities, and the world – one leader at a time.

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