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21st century organizations need 21st century leaders. But most leaders get promoted into leadership with no training at all. It’s sink or swim. Without help, they try to be what they think good leaders are instead of what actually works.

CLG’s approach draws from proprietary research, studies from some of the most prominent academic institutions in the world, and millenia old models of personality and relationships. We employ parts of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the FranklinCovey coaching model, our founder’s experience graduate studies in organizational leadership, the validated assessments of The Highlands Ability Battery.

Our approach works. Not only do our clients succeed, we are regularly sought out by the international media to comment on leadership issues like Al-Jazeera English’s interview of our founder Marc A. Pitman about Livestrong’s ability to survive past Lance Armstrong, Philadelphia Business Journal’s article on Temple University’s board’s ability to lead past Bill Cosby, and WGN radio’s questions on fundraising as a leader.

Quadrant 3 Leadership™

Quadrant 3 Leadership

We believe that most leaders have what it takes to be effective. Yet too often leaders don’t believe it. So they resort to a series of trying on other people’s “leadership” styles and systems. While helpful, none fit quite right. And the constantly changing approaches can ruin organizational culture and staff retention.

Our work shows that introverts can be just as effective leaders as extroverts. Sometimes even more effective. And people who are great at process and with data can be just as effective as people who are terrific with people. They’ll each just lead differently. Different isn’t a matter of “good” or “bad” – it’s just different.

Like an athletic coach, we don’t jump into the game and try to play your position. Rather, we are there on the sidelines, watching how you respond in the game and pointing out ways to change your approach. Whether in shouts from the sidelines (coaching sessions) or huddles at the bench (trainings with board or staff), we provide evidence-based, best-in-class strategies to help you and your team excel.

Discover your hardwiring

In the Quadrant 3 Leadership process, we help you explore all three areas of hardwiring: natural abilities, instinctive behaviours, and inner motivations. Using assessments like the Highlands Ability Battery, DISC, and the Enneagram, you uncover your core leadership competencies and underlying areas are causing the most stress.

We aren’t trying to “fix” you. Our goal is to help you create organizational and personal changes that are both laser-focused in dealing with the real issues and are perfectly crafted to be used long after your work with us is done.


Pinpoint your identity

Everyone has an internal picture of what a leader should be. We come by this picture from our family, our belief structure, our bosses, and even the movies we watch and the stories we read. But leaders are generally unconscious about how much these models guide their daily decisions.

In the Quadrant 3 Leadership process, understanding your identity is like identifying your “operating system.” Bringing it to the forefront, helps us see what is helping your leading and what is actually sabotaging your effort at every turn.


Set the right goals

Human beings have been described as goal-seeking creatures. But despite there being so many books on time management and goal setting, not every system works for every person. In this part of the Quadrant 3 Leadership process, you’ll now be able to set goals after having a clearer understanding of your hardwiring and identities.

The Concord Leadership Group helps you set the right objectives and learn the skills you need for reaching your goals while focusing on ways that are most likely to work in your organization. By helping you focus on the right goals, you can avoid the uncertainty and confusion of the goals not leading to change while ensuring you succeed in making your organization create the change in the world it was created to make.

Leading Teams

The Quadrant 3 Leadership process works just as well for teams and organizations. Having staff or board members come to a leadership intensive, or having a leadership intensive come to your team, helps retain your top leaders while keeping them from going rogue. These trainings help them channel their passion and ability in harmony with the bigger mission of your organization.

We work with senior leadership teams, specific departments, and entire staff. Team members leave re-energized about the organization’s mission, with a deeper appreciation for each other’s differences, and with practical time-management, goal-setting strategies, and communication tools to create the work culture they’ve always wanted.

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