Finding the pony

[Image courtesy of Sandy Rees] Growing up, I listened to a lot of motivational speakers. Many of them shared a story about a father with two sons. As an executive coach, I am amazed at how much this story reflects leaders' perspectives on life. The Father with Two...

What questions should you ask an executive coach?

LinkedIn is a funny thing. A week ago, SCOTTeVEST CEO Scott Jordan posted a question. Today, the post appeared in my newsfeed. With over 200 comments to it! The question was: Who uses an executive/life coach? I met someone that raved about his coach, so I am...

To what end?

It seems that those of us attracted to nonprofit leadership are very good at "doing." We see a need right in front of us and fill it. And fill it again. In fact, we get so good at seeing the need in front of us, that we forget to lift up our head. A view of the...

Are your systems hurting you?

81,650 On October 1, 2012, my family want to visit our friends the Hatches and the Swansons. When we arrived, we discovered Rob and Jon having a fun competition with push-ups. Loving to challenge myself, I naturally jumped in. Over the course of many attempts, I...

A master class in communication – humor and silence

Being a leader means being ever committed to improving your communication skills. And how to deliver a joke so that people laugh with you, not despite you. Thankfully, speaker, comedian, and Second City alum Ron Tite shares a 3-minute master class from a performance...

It’s not cheating – a thought on goal setting

Just a thought about setting this year's goals: you're not cheating if you are listing goals you know will be accomplished. Leadership is hard. Be sure to give yourself full credit for all you are accomplishing! Happy New Year!

How to never miss a nonprofit’s Facebook update

Do you wish your board members would like and share your nonprofit's Facebook updates? Here's a short video (only 25 seconds!) that will show them how to set your nonprofit's page notifications first! An easy way for boards to help Facebook is designed to show people...

What target are you giving your focus?

Looking for something in the garage today, I found myself saying, "I'm not seeing it." Every where I looked, I said, "I'm not seeing it here." When I moved things and looked, I said, "I'm not seeing it here." It got to the point where I'd stopped looking for the...

Sometimes leadership comes from a different perspective

My son showed this Pixar short. And I thought about how well this short applies to nonprofit leadership. Watch the film. And be encouraged. Leading can feel like you're just hit by wave after wave. But sometimes, that's exactly what gives you the perspective that...


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"The Concord Leadership Group tells us what true leaders have already accepted: not planning strategically is just tempting fate. Without a plan, you are betting other people's future on your continued dumb luck."

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