What questions should you ask an executive coach?

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LinkedIn is a funny thing. A week ago, SCOTTeVEST CEO Scott Jordan posted a question. Today, the post appeared in my newsfeed. With over 200 comments to it!

The question was:

Who uses an executive/life coach? I met someone that raved about his coach, so I am interviewing him today. I have been very reluctant to engage one since it seems anyone can easily become one. Any ideas for good questions to ask him? Scott

What a great question. Coaching can be a huge benefit to leaders. As tends to happen on social media. The comments are all over the place. (You might be able to see them here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/activity:6265565471697969152/)

What to ask when considering hiring a coach

Scott’s question was great. Here is how I answered it:

LinkedIn just showed me your update from 6 days ago, Scott Jordan. I’m SO glad you asked the question. And that you are skeptical/analytical. You certainly have LOADS of comments here! 🙂

Personally, I benefitted so much from being coached, I became one. Since it seems anyone can call themselves a coach, I opted for training with the (then existent & accredited) FranklinCovey executive coaching program.

That was 14 years ago. I’ve been coaching clients ever since.

If you do another interview, you might ask:

  • Who is your coach? (I believe a coach should be able to be coached and is seeking coaching.)
  • What do clients say they get from working with you? (Feel free to ask for metrics important to you but realize many coaching clients often forget to share their success metrics with their coach.)

I also like to get a sense for what their area of expertise is. Granted, you do not have to be an amazing golfer to be an amazing golf coach. But I like to get coaching from coaches with “fruit on the tree.” People who have had achievements in areas I am seeking to achieve in. And who’s clients seem to experience that success too.

I looked but couldn’t see if you mentioned how your call went. Did it go well?

What would you add?

Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool – for work and life. As an executive coach, I’m privileged to see people and organizations grow into more than they ever dreamed of. I’ve seen people not just “exceed” but blow past fundraising goals, turn toxic work places around, and discover meaning and purpose.

But in seeking coaching, what are questions you ask?

For more information on coaching, check out the 7 minute interview at the top of this Harvard Business Review article https://hbr.org/2009/01/what-can-coaches-do-for-you


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