Top Business Coaches

What is a business coach?

Business coaches accelerate leadership development, helping leaders and entrepreneurs achieve success faster, manage their business more efficiently, often greater peace of mind.

How do you find a great business coach for your leadership development?

Having a business coach is like having a personal trainer. But rather than training for your body, this is personal training for your life.

Therefore, the first step in finding the right business coach or leadership development coach is to figure out what you most need help with. For example, you may be wanting to grow in your ability to lead a team. Or in getting clearer on your goals. Or perhaps you need help with communicating your vision. Once you have clarity like this, then you’re ready to seek out coaches. The best business coaches only accept the types of clients they’re particularly equipped to help. So no matter how urgent your need, be sure to take the time to find the right fit. 

Once you find the fit, you’re ready to start coaching. Coaching requires your effort. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll be able to achieve results!

A list of Top business coaches

If you don’t know where to look to find a business coach, here is a list of some of the top coaches in the world. Some are certified by Concord Leadership Group. Some of them help with overall leadership development and performance; others help with special aspects of work and life. They aren’t listed in any particular order. But we offer them up as a great place to find your own business coach.

Concord Leadership Group

Marc A. Pitman, business leadership management executive coach

Best for: Founders, particularly founders who’ve started nonprofits or CEOs who’ve started tech companies

About: Marc A. Pitman’s leadership development sweet spot is helping founders who love growing a business but now find they’re more stressed by providing business management. Through one-on-one executive coaching CEO advising, and group trainings, his Quadrant 3 Leadership framework gives leaders a map for leadership development and tools to use for their own growth and with their teams for years to come. His approach is so effective, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has accredited a leadership coach certification based on his system.

Certified Quadrant 3 Leadership Coaches

Emily J. Pitman

Emily J. Pitman, leadership and creativity coach

Best for: Leaders who can’t get away from a “What If” or a “What Now”; from artists to entrepreneurs and those standing on the edge of a Big Decision

About: Emily coaches people as they grow to walk in authentic, creative leadership of their whole lives.

People often come to coaching because of a sticky situation – a transition, an idea that won’t go away, or something in life or work that no longer feels like it fits or works. Emily’s training and passion aren’t to just look at the sticky spot, but to let the whole picture of your life inform and be informed by the coaching work.

Emily believes we are all creative and we are all leaders. Your creativity may include watercolors or spreadsheets. Your leadership may find you at the head of a boardroom table or a kitchen table. Emily believes that hope and love both root and pollinate creatives, leaders, and creative leaders.

Thu Hue Nguyen

Thu Hue Nguyen, certified Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach

Best for: Leadership development of C-suite and emerging leaders, small business owners, and nonprofit CEOs

About: Nguyen Thu Hue is an accredited member of the partnership brokers association (PBA), promoting professionalism integrity in brokering multi stakeholder partnerships for sustainable development. With more than 20 years of experience as a founder, executive director, board member and lifelong learner, she uses the PBA approach in her own leadership journey and in building confidence and skills in others.

Ms. Hue helps other leaders at their tipping points of career development, transitioning across sectors, especially those from small business or nonprofit organizations to thrive, recognizing challenges of power dynamics and imbalances they normally face in their work. Ms. Hue was awarded global fellowship at the Obama Foundation, the Acumen Academy, recognized as a mentor from the women in business development program at the Cherie Blair Foundation and successfully completed Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach certification program accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Website: /

Dr. Shawn Edwards

Dr. Shawn Edwards - Q3LC Certified Coach

Best for: Leadership development of C-suite and emerging leaders, small business owners, and nonprofit CEOs

About: Dr. Shawn’s leadership development coaching expertise lies in helping leaders with ideation, creative implementation, and leading people while developing strategy for high impact.

Shawn’s background in organization development, talent management, nonprofit board leadership, and strategic engagement in various sectors brings multifaceted expertise to her coaching sessions.

Taylor Shanklin

Taylor Shanklin - Q3LC Certified Coach

Best for: forward-thinking leaders in small businesses and nonprofits seeking innovative business planning and coaching, branding innovative branding, and impactful graphic design

About: Taylor Shanklin is a TEDx speaker, host of the Talking Shizzle podcast, and marketing innovator in the small business and social impact space. Taylor is the Founder and CEO of branding and growth strategy firm Barlele. At Barlele she and her team help growing businesses and nonprofits cut through the noise with focused strategy, clear messaging and consistent marketing.

Taylor also founded Barlele’s sister company, Creative Shizzle, in 2022. Creative Shizzle is a subscription-based graphic design service that is bringing great design to more nonprofits and small businesses and nonprofit organizations. In her marketing career, she has helped hundreds of organizations tell their story in digital channels.

Kishshana Palmer

Kishshana Palmer, Certified Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach
Best for: Senior leaders, middle managers, and young professionals to help them develop their leadership and create high-performing teams.
About: Kishshana Palmer helps everyday leaders to live well and lead well. With a 20+ year background in fundraising, marketing, and talent management she also brings foundational business skills that include cultivating an internal talent pipeline, managing leadership, employee attrition, and meeting diversity goals.

When an organization wants to grow, find and retain people on their team, raise money, and more, she is the fairy godmother they have on speed dial.

Hoàng Phương THẢO

Hoang Phuong Thao, certified Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach and Country Director for ActionAid Vietnam

Best for: Leadership development of C-suite and emerging leaders, small business owners, and nonprofit CEOs

About: Hoang Phuong Thao (Ms.) – Country Director, ActionAid Vietnam
ActionAid is a global movement working to end poverty and injustice. It has been working in Vietnam for more than 30 years to advance women’s rights, climate justice, and an end to poverty.

Thao has been leading ActionAid Vietnam to serve 4.6 million people in country building a better life. Under her leadership, ActionAid Vietnam is recognized by communities, local authorities, and partners for its contribution to advance the people’s rights to quality education, gender responsive health care and climate resilient livelihoods. Thao and her team managed to maintain a diversified and stabilized funding base for ActionAid innovative and impactful programmes in the country. Thao is an expert on tax and financing for climate change, with a focus on ASEAN and EU. As a student of Concord Leadership Cohort 2023, Thao believes that adaptivity and integrity will make all leaders successful and happy.

She is happy to provide coaching/mentoring support to CEOs and middle management leaders, who are ready to find out more about their own strengths and opportunities, and take actions to move forward, happily.

Other Top Business Coaches

Find the Red Thread

Best for: leaders looking to turn their big idea into big change

About: Tamsen Webster is a master at strategic communications. She knows that “The best messages aren’t found They’re built.” She works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to take their “Big Idea,” the one that can change businesses, lives…or even the world, and build it piece by piece until it becomes the most effective in helping build that idea in the minds and hearts of the people they serve.

Pamela Slim

Best for: thought leaders who are scaling their business, particularly wanting to build training, licensing, and certification into their revenue model

About: Pamela Slim started as a consultant to large companies in tech working on the human side of business (executive coaching, change management, training and development). Since then, she’s spent more than 14 years coaching entrepreneurs, helping to launch and scale hundreds of businesses. She’s the author of both Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work.


Best for: entrepreneurs and leaders who need to get their mindset right

About: John Michael Morgan has been coaching for over a decade working with the likes of Disney, Google, Starbucks, Tesla, Twitter, and the Marines.

Clare Kumar

Best for: leaders and their teams wanting to be more productive and fulfilled and confidently head in the opposite direction of burnout

About: Clare Kumar inspires the sustainable performance of leaders and their teams through strengthening self-leadership and sharing effective productivity practices. She drives engagement and results while steering team members confidently towards consistent contribution and bravely away from burnout. Clare draws on a diverse, international corporate career and her bold, creative and compassionate, personality to support her clients.

Limitless Possibility

Best for: Entrepreneurs, executives, anyone who feels like they are not honoring their fullest potential

About: Laura Gassner Otting helps people get unstuck. Her superpower is that she can see people’s greatness in a way that they haven’t been able to see before, and reflect it back on them in ways that allow them to finally see it, or finally believe it and act upon it. She’s the author of Mission Driven: Moving from Profit to Purpose (2017) and the Washington Post bestseller Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life (2019).

The New Quo

Best for: high-growth organizations and leaders who need communication coaching to translate metrics/change into meaningful communications that shifts mindsets, distills purpose, and creates connected inclusive culture

About: Christina Blacken helps leaders discover, tell, and leverage their growth stories for driving change and improving engagement. She’s spent the past 10 years using story for behavior change across a variety of industries – from motivating 300,000 young people to volunteer on various social causes in the non-profit world through cause marketing campaigns she led and wrote, to closing $6.5M in profits with teams she’s worked with throughout various industries, all through story. She’s also a performer and love combining the high-energy entertainment style of my singing background with actionable tips that leave the people she works with and teach inspired, motivated, and ready to take action. You can peep her work in, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post,,, and among other outlets.

Clay Hebert

Best for: leaders trying to figure out their story…and when and how to share it

About: Clay Hebert works with leaders across a wide variety of sectors include Fortune 500 companies, billion dollar enterprises, startups, and non-profits. He helps leaders and organizations clarify their brand and make their marketing crystal clear.

Without Bullshit

Best for: leaders wanting to write books

About: Josh Bernoff is an author or coauthor of 6 books including a Businessweek bestseller. He has worked with more than 20 authors. His goal is to make clients successful through their own words and ideas. Tough on prose, nice to people.

Soshin Consulting

Best for: Organizations seeking better profitability through improved processes, systems and alignment among their employees

About: Shawn Rhodes was commissioned by the US government to study team performance in the most dangerous places on the planet. He’s applied what he learned to grow Fortune 100 companies, and his work amongst diverse industries has been featured in every major news outlet around the globe.

Robbie Samuels

Best for: entrepreneurial women in their 50s & 60s looking to grow their impact through things like a book, a podcast, a one-to-many program, etc

About: Robbie Samuels offers relationship-based business strategy coaching. The problem his clients often have (and are willing to admit) is they’re interested in hosting a podcast or writing a book. What they don’t have words for is their desire to take their business to the next level, have great impact, be seen as an expert, and generally manage their time differently. I help them leverage existing relationships and strategically expand their professional network to pursue their goals.

Forté Consulting

Best for: leaders who want to develop their presence, influence others, and gain the confidence and skills to contribute meaningfully and often in all work settings

About: Hope Timberlake’s style is experiential, pragmatic, and light-hearted. Her work focuses on examining beliefs and mindset, sharing success stories, and simple yet effective frameworks and practice. Her sweet spot is working with corporate groups of 12 – 100 people for between 1 hour to 1 day.

Jeffrey Shaw

Best for: mid-sized companies and entrepreneurs needing to develop a brand and marketing message that attracts their ideal customers

About: 35 years as one the most sought-after portrait photographers for affluent families in the U.S. has helped Jeffrey hone the intuition and strategies to make people feel seen. As a brand consultant and author of LINGO, he helps businesses make their ideal customers feel seen which creates connection, increases profitability, enhances customer experience and improves retention.

Grow Voice

Best for: small to mid-sized companies with verbal communications challenges

About: With 17 years of experience as a functional voice coach and almost two decades as a professional classical singer, Gina Razón believes in the power of the human voice. She now helps companies develop clear and intentional communications. She helps clients with anything from dysfunctional meetings, to rising stars that can’t communicate with clarity in forward facing positions.

McCourt Leadership Group

Best for: mid to senior level executives, C-suite, and entrepreneurs as well as groups or teams from global organizations

About: Elizabeth McCourt’s experience ranges from hospitality groups, to start-ups, to international manufacturing organizations. She works globally with leaders and teams looking to up-level their leadership by leveraging the entirety of their experiences in order to become happier, more effective leaders who make meaningful impact.

Jennifer Iannolo

Best for: women founders from around the world

About: Jennifer Iannolo is a growth coach and strategist for female founders and executives around the world. Her clients range from the United Nations to Silicon Valley startups, as well as Hollywood stars and media companies.

Mike Ganino

Best for: businesses and leaders looking to improve their public speaking, presentation, and storytelling skills

About: Mike Ganino believes story can be so transformative, a good one can take your company’s perception from ‘meh’ to an obsession. He helps people organize, design, and deliver their message to elevate their career, their team, their company, or their brand.

Robert Rose

Best for: Fortune 500 chief marketing officers

About: For more than 25 years, Robert Rose has helped marketers tell their story more effectively through digital media. Over the last five years, Robert has worked with more than 500 companies, including 15 of the Fortune 100. He’s provided strategic marketing advice and counsel for global brands such as Capital One, NASA, Dell, McCormick Spices, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Robert is the founder and chief strategy officer for The Content Advisory, the education and consulting group for The Content Marketing Institute.

Public Words

Best for: professional speakers, executives and teams needing help with keynotes, high-stakes speeches or leadership communications

About: Dr. Nick Morgan works in confidence with professional speakers and leaders in corporations, government agencies, and non-profits to develop their speaking, organizational stories and communication strategies. He and his team also offer training programs that will raise the effectiveness of all your presentations and personal interactions.

Khouri Coaching & Consulting

Best for: successful executives and dentists looking to be more productive

About: During a 21-year career in key leadership positions at Fidelity Investments, and through his scientifically-based research, Don Khouri discovered exactly what successful executives do to be more productive, organized, successful, and fulfilled. Now he’s teaching technology leaders around the country how to define their focus, become more effective, and honor possibilities to which they want to say, “yes!”

Professionally Speaking

Best for: Executive and senior leaders delivering high stakes presentations

About: Stephanie Scotti works with global executives and senior leaders in diverse sectors ranging from high-tech, pharmaceutical, and financial services to convenience stores, retail, and lifestyle brands.. Clients have also included speakers from China, India, Italy, Russia, and Turkey. Her firm, Professionally Speaking, prepares clients to be influential in situations as diverse as Board of Directors meetings, investor and analyst meetings, product launches, and keynote presentations at some of the largest industry events worldwide.

The Don’t Settle Group

Best for: business owners and leaders who are looking to accelerate their business growth

About: Travis Robertson and his team help leaders with the gap – the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Their Growth Coaching system specializes in helping business owners, especially real estate agents and team leaders rapidly scale their businesses and their incomes.

Brad Gosse

Best for: leaders who’s business is primarily online, mainly e-commerce people

About: Brad Gosse is a self-taught “growth hacker” with 16 years of online marketing experience. His specialty is helping entrepreneurs find ways to ‘scale’ their businesses. He’s the author of Chronic Marketer: Confessions of a half baked (but highly paid) internet marketer.

Serena Dot Ryan

Best for: service based businesses, especially those who are numbers driven eg. accountants, financial advisors who want to grow their businesses

About: Serena Ryan provides digital marketing and social media coaching through the lens of Facebook Ads Strategy. Her clients learn that if you don’t a solid digital presence you’ll waste money on Facebook Ads. And she hates people wasting money.

Stacey Copas

Best for: leaders needing resilience as they are required to do more with less

About: Stacey Copas helps leaders shift the way they perceive and respond to change and adversity, showing how to be resilient in business and life. She equips her clients and their teams with the tools and desire to turn change and adversity into opportunities rather than excuses.

Scott Mautz

Best for: Leaders seeking to unlock employee engagement, meaning, and meaningful achievement

About: Scott Mautz is a passionate expert on unleashing peak performance, employee engagement, meaning, and others-oriented leadership. He coaches clients based on his deep understanding of the research on human motivation, helping them create systems they can use for years.


Best for: Leaders wanting to to communicate more clearly with all their words and actions

About: Mark Bowden helps people all over the world to stand out, win trust, and gain credibility every time they speak. Sales and leadership teams, senior leaders, entrepreneurs, and even successive Prime Ministers of the G7 have worked with him one-on-one and in group trainings.

Neen James

Best for: Executives and corporate leaders needing to leverage their focus

About: Neen James runs a 90-day virtual coaching/mentoring program with a clear accountability plan. Clients learn to amplify profits, accelerate productivity, and awaken ideas. She has been named at Top 30 Leadership Coach by Global Gurus several years in a row.

Marrow Marketing

Best for: Solopreneurs and small business owners looking to clarify their messaging and brand strategy

About: Marrow Marketing’s coaching program is called Brand Therapy. They work to uncover what an organization is made of so that they can build messaging that is refreshingly honest. Nobody has time for spin and pitches anymore. Clients want the truth, and they help brands tell it.

Amanda Russell

Best for: Leaders looking to build incredible brand partnerships and leverage Influencer marketing to grow awareness and scale their brand.

About: Amanda Russell reveals the strategies and techniques that break the code on the power of partnerships and teach you how to achieve real influence. She knows that becoming a true influencer requires a critical balance of expertise, creativity, and strategy. And she’s done it. Now she helps her clients break through the noise by becoming truly influential in their field.

Angela Chee

Best for: corporate and entrepreneurial leaders who want to feel clear, confident and connected and ready for any opportunity on-camera and off

About: Angela Chee is a former news anchor/reporter/TV host, who’s worked in broadcasting and entertainment for more than 20 years, from top TV markets in LA and San Diego to E! Entertainment and HGTV. Her mission is to help people break through their barriers, master their message and own their voice and their power. Her YOU, Amplified!™ training helps her clients step into the spotlight and amplify their message and mission through speaking, video, and media. It is where soul meets strategy through on-camera training.

Bob Gray

Best for: Anyone wishing to build better relationships, increase credibility and avoid Digital Amnesia (the experience of forgetting important information because we trust a connected device)

About: For more than 30 years Bob has been helping companies organizations and individuals attain peak performance through better recall.

Denise Jacobs

Best for: Leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and high performing women who are struggling with either Imposter Syndrome or Achievement Syndrome

About: Denise Jacobs helps clients silence their inner critic. After working with her, clients find they are able to achieve new heights of creativity.

Mary C. Kelly

Best for: VP leaders and mid-level managers in credit unions, banks, financial planning, financial advising, medical teams, and insurance

About: Dr. Mary C. Kelly was on active duty in the Navy for 25 years leading multi-cultural teams, working as a former intelligence office, and running military bases. She uses her PhD in Economics and the research for her 13 books to help clients produce better productivity for their teams, better management of their boss, and increase their own free time.

Jamie Mason Cohen

Best for: leaders trying to maximize their strengths…and pinpoint blindspots through an unorthodox and effective coaching method combining handwriting analysis, graphotherapy and the data-informed The Leadership Circle Profile assessment

About: Jamie Mason Cohen works with groups of leaders in diverse sectors including finance, insurance, pharma, mid-size enterprises, associations, masterminds and non-profits. 

He helps leaders discover their strengths and weaknesses through a unique combination of graphotherapy and The Leadership Circle Profile.  His unique 1 on 1 and group coaching methodology has been called “better than therapy” by Margaret Trudeau. His work has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Business Insider, Mostly Money podcast, The Morning Show and The Social where he was introduced as, “the personality x-ray machine.”

Andrew Tarvin

Best for:

corporate executives, marketers, and presenters looking to capture attention, improve understanding, and build confidence in any of their communication.

About: Andrew Tarvin helps organizations bring humor to unexpected places to deliver disproportionate results. He’s worked with groups like Microsoft, the FBI, and the Red Cross to leverage humor as a strategic tool for communicating serious, important, or seriously important messages that their audiences need to hear. 

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