Are you feeling fatigued? Inexplicably tired?

Did you realize that “keeping your options open” can be draining you?

Leadership coach Kim Nicol did a great post on LinkedIn. She starts the post with:

One of the most exhausting things is delaying making a decision.

I agree with Kim Nicol. Making decisions is hard. There are so many considerations to make.

And early in leadership, it feels that so much rides on each decision. The pressure to make the “right” decision is mind boggling.

But one of the secrets of leadership is that sometimes you make a decision, then you make it “right.”

So if you’re exhausted, look to your decisions. Are there any you are well past “due diligence” and just into “delay”? Go ahead and make a decision.

I bet you’ll be surprised by the energy you get!

If you want to hear more of Kim Nicol’s thoughts on this, listen to her podcast episode called: Why Delaying Decisions is Draining.


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