Ever struggle with Imposter Syndrome?

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Do you ever wrestle with Imposter Syndrome? That feeling that you don’t have what it takes? That sense that you have no business being in the position you’re in?

There’s good news.

Imposter Syndrome is Normal for High Achievers

While counterintuitive, feeling like you’re an imposter is incredibly common among high achieving leaders. In fact, the feeling that you’re making it up as you go along is what can push you from Quadrant 2 into Quadrant 3 Leadership. Often that inner critic, that nagging suspicion that you are broken as a leader is the invitation to look for answers that can only be found in Quadrant 3.

Imposters don’t get Imposter Syndrome

In her book Banish the Inner Critic, top business coach Denise Jacobs makes a profound observation:

“Imposters don’t get imposter syndrome!”

Isn’t that freeing?! Denise goes on to say:

“You cannot have imposter syndrome unless you’re competent  and skilled.”

So use the “imposter” feeling to tell a new story

That’s the good news!

Not only is imposter syndrome incredibly common, imposter syndrome is also the sign of competence and skill!

So the next time you feel you’re being an imposter, reframe that to be a confirmation that you’re a high achieving leader!



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