Does your nonprofit have the one key ingredient in a team worth working for?

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Staff Relations, Team Building, Volunteers | 0 comments

In a recent blog post, Michael Hyatt says the one key ingredient in a team worth working for is infectious enthusiasm.

He says that people with infectious enthusiasm:

  • helps authentically motivate everyone around them
  • find solutions for even seemingly insurmountable problems
  • exhibit healthy ownership of what they’re working on
  • are more likely to achieve since achievement takes energy
  • and bring fun to work creating a positive team culture

As you go through your day today look for two things:

  1. What gets you full of infectious enthusiasm for your organization?

    Take note of it and commit to doing it more. (Hint: It’s often getting around the mission work that your frontline people do.)

  2. Who seems to exude infectious enthusiasm?

    Strategize ways to get around them more. Their enthusiasm will rub off on you. And as you get to know them, you’ll find out if they’re trustworthy enough to give additional leadership and visibility to!

You can read his entire post here:


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