The Foundation for Great Follow Up

by | Sep 9, 2022 | CEO/Executive Directors, Personal Leadership | 0 comments

Have you ever done business with someone and then feel like they’ve ghosted you?

You thought things went well, they seemed to like you, but now they don’t reply to anything? Even things they’d promised to respond to?

Yesterday, I got to spend the day training a great team of fundraisers. I shared a number of different techniques to consider. And much of the day was spent brainstorming ideas of exactly what to say when trying to follow up with lapsed donors.

One of the key themes of the day was grounding every interaction in curiosity. As you’re curious, you find you’re moving away from your own frustration and turning your attention to the person you’re calling. When you start from curiosity, your communication moves from completing a task to connecting with a person. (Click here to tweet that.)

That curiousity helps you be able to respond more flexibly to people. And keeps you from sounding demanding or petulant.

As you go through your follow up today, try grounding your calls and emails in sincere curiousity.

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