New month – back to zero!

by | Oct 1, 2021 | CEO/Executive Directors, Goals | 0 comments

Aren’t new beginnings wonderful?

I do like the fresh start of a new month. As artificial as dates and calendars are, there is something energizing about new beginnings.

Until you open your CRM.

One bummer about new months, new quarter, and new years, is what you see here: they start at zero!

Take heart. It won’t stay at zero.

All the follow up you’ve done in the past is still working behind the scenes. People are still making decisions and talking to their peers.

In fact, right now, people could even be recommending you to other people – to your best prospects.

Yes, the reality is we’re starting back at zero. But the reality is also that our past follow up is like seeds planted and growing.

So keep taking the steps that you know will help you move back off of zero.

There is still time to reach your annual goals. Coaching can help make this quarter your best yet. Feel free to apply for a call to explore coaching at


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