A message of hope for nonprofit leaders despite the tax bill

by | Dec 27, 2017 | CEO/Executive Directors, Fundraising | 0 comments

The recent tax bill is spreading fear and despair among nonprofit leaders around the United States. Last week, I recorded this message of hope. Since it’s recording, the President has signed the bill into law. So the message of hope is needed now more than ever.

This isn’t tax advice. I’m not an accountant or lawyer. This is about leadership. And a reminder that people like helping. Even helping you.

The generosity of people pre-dates tax deductions. And it will continue even if tax deductions were taken away.

Here’s the video:



  1. The new tax bill's aftermath doesn't need to be the end of your nonprofit - […] recently recorded a video with this reminder to give hope to nonprofit leaders in the aftermath of the tax…

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