A master class in communication – humor and silence

by | Jan 10, 2017 | CEO/Executive Directors, Public Speaking | 0 comments

Being a leader means being ever committed to improving your communication skills. And how to deliver a joke so that people laugh with you, not despite you.

Thankfully, speaker, comedian, and Second City alum Ron Tite shares a 3-minute master class from a performance at…Sunday’s Golden Globes awards!

His post Brain Chatter: A 3-Minute Masterclass in Humourous Speeches breaks down Steve Carroll’s presentation in a second by second format.

Watch the video here. Then go over to Ron’s blog to read how masterful this performance truly was.

Now look at Ron’s second-by-second analysis of what they did and why: Brain Chatter: A 3-Minute Masterclass in Humourous Speeches.

His comments on the “redirect” and the “laugh on top of the laugh” will definitely help your next attempt at humor!


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