Focus on Q2 this #FollowUpFriday!

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#FollowUpFridayToday is the second to last #FollowUpFriday of 2015! And for many of us, it’s the last Follow Up Friday landing on a work day.

So today, why not make one of your follow up actions today was reviewing the year, looking for:

  • what went right,
  • what you’d like to celebrate,
  • what didn’t go as planned,
  • and what you’d like to carry into 2016.

Be open to personal and professional accomplishments during your review. (Increasingly the “work/life” construct is a false dichotomy, isn’t it?)

Following up is Q2 work

You will need to have resolve to spend time like this. It is Quadrant 2 (Q2) work, a term popularized by Stephen Covey. Q2 is important work that is not urgent. This type of follow up doesn’t have a deadline. It’s not urgent like a ringing phone or in your face like an employee at your door.

But Q2 work will make you a far more effective leader. And Q2 work will make 2016 even more fulfilling.

Be sure to #FollowUpFriday

Whatever you choose to do today, follow up! And let us know what follow up you do today by leaving a comment at or by using the hashtag #FollowUpFriday when you post to social media!


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