Check your caller ID

by | Aug 2, 2018 | CEO/Executive Directors | 0 comments

As leaders, we often delegate tasks to others.

Tasks like making sure the phone lines work.

But, as leaders, we’re ultimately responsible.

Anonymous calls can easily be blocked

I know a number of nonprofits, especially hospitals, that are using antiquated telephone systems. These systems show up on caller ID as an “Anonymous” caller.

But your marketing, fundraising, and accounts payable employees need to be able to get in touch with media, donors, and clients.

And since phone systems like Dialpad, whose image is seen above, are making it easier to block “Anonymous” calls, having “Anonymous” could be making it even harder for your team to do their work.

So take a moment today to see how your phone calls are showing on other people’s phone systems. You might be able to make their jobs easier!


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