ChatGPT on why you should hire a human executive coach

by | Apr 3, 2023 | CEO/Executive Directors | 0 comments

ChatGPT is already incredibly helpful in my life. Today, I heard ChatGPT is doing some very helpful work coaching.

So, naturally, I asked ChatGPT if CEO’s and business leaders should still use a human coach. Here’s what ChatGPT said.

While AI coaching tools offer valuable insights and can be helpful in certain aspects of leadership development, there are several reasons why a CEO or business leader should not rely solely on AI for coaching:

  1. Feelings Matter
  2. AI tools can’t understand feelings like a real person can. A human coach helps leaders connect with their team’s emotions and be better bosses.

  3. Special Help Just for You
  4. AI tools give the same advice to everyone. A human coach gives advice that’s perfect for each leader’s needs and goals.

  5. Real Friends
  6. A human coach builds trust and friendship with leaders. They make it safe to share feelings and problems. AI tools can’t do that.

  7. Quick Thinking
  8. Leadership can be tricky and change fast. Human coaches help leaders adapt and stay strong. AI tools might get confused or not know what to do.

  9. Knows Your World
  10. AI tools might not understand your job, your company, or your team. Human coaches use their knowledge to give advice that makes sense for you.

AI tools can be helpful, but they don’t replace the special touch of a real person like Marc A. Pitman. Combining AI tools with human coaching can offer a more well-rounded and effective approach to leadership development.


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