Booky Call app features The Surprising Gift of Doubt

by | Nov 1, 2021 | CEO/Executive Directors | 0 comments

Have you ever seen something you created featured in an app? I just did!

The Booky Call app chose The Surprising Gift of Doubt to be its Book of the Day!

The Surprising Gift of Doubt featured in the Booky Call appThe Booky Call app is a fun new way to figure out what books to read next. It’s a book discovery tool disguised as a dating app! Books share their profiles about why they’d be a good time for you. (The Surprising Gift of Doubt asserts it is not just a one-night-stand kind of book!)

It’s super easy to use.

  1. Just download the app.
  2. Then scroll up to see the book’s “dating profile.”

I love the cheeky responses in the book profiles.

Booky Call remembers your interests and keeps offering other possible matches to you.

And if you out today, you’ll see The Surprising Gift of Doubt featured!


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