What is the BEST thing a nonprofit CEO can do?

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Being a nonprofit CEO or executive director can be one of the most overwhelming positions. Not only do you have the normal audiences of staff and clients to serve, you have your board and even donors. Your plate is filled with tasks and to-do’s! Yet often, it feels like individuals in each of these groups seem to think they know what you should be doing next. Tasks that tend not to line up with the ones already on your plate.

So how do you know what is really the most important thing to do?

The best thing for a nonprofit CEO to do

In this video, Marc shares exactly what to do. And he tells a story of how doing it consistently – beyond what he initially felt was appropriate – can transform your nonprofit!

What do you think?

Has this been your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Bryan King

    Thank you for this reminder! Timely



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