“After the holiday” where goals go to die

by | Nov 21, 2023 | CEO/Executive Directors, Goals | 0 comments

Have you heard it? I got my first of the year this week.

The dreaded,

“Can we follow up after the holidays?”

“After the holidays.” The place were good follow ups go to die.

After the holidays is a request

Don’t give in. Although the request sounds perfectly reasonable, it is still only a request. You can make a counter-suggestion.

In my case, the person who asked, “Could we talk about it after the holidays?” wanted to talk about the leadership coach certification. So I said, “I’d love to! But, since the coach certification starts after the holidays, let’s try connecting after Thanksgiving.”

The choice is up to you. But remember, you do have a choice. If you need to talk to them before year-end, let them know.

Don’t let your goals die in the land of “after the holidays”!


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