Is it a scar or just a scab?

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Personal Leadership | 0 comments

Have you ever gone through an experience that you thought scarred you? One that you felt completely defined you in a negative light?

Maybe you were fired. Or you had a business fail.

You’ve come to think of these scars as something that changes how people see you. So you’ve let them keep your from following up with people.

After all, you think, why would someone want to work with a person as scarred as you?

Fortunately, one of the great truths about life is people think about you far less than you think about you!

Even better, what you think is a scar may only be seen as a “scab” to them. A scab isn’t permanent. A scab is just a temporary step in healing. Something forgotten.

As you go about your follow up, look for people you’re avoiding because you think you’re permanently scarred. They may only have seen a scab and may have moved on years ago. Follow up with them.

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