In a leadership position…but not sure you’re a leader?

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Does your organization have the leadership positions filled…but is still looking for them to act like leaders?

You’re not alone.

Or perhaps you’ve been promoted to a leadership position but aren’t feeling like you’re the leader the position needs?

It’s normal for people who are good at their jobs to be promoted to leadership positions. But never get the right leadership development training to be the leader the position requires.

You’re good at getting work done. But getting work done through others is a whole different ball game, isn’t it?

The good news is: leadership skills are teachable.

The Quadrant 3 Leadership Coaching certification program shows you how to be the leader you want to be. And gives you the tools to help your team work better together.

Just imagine how much better your work would be if everyone were doing what they were hired to do – and enjoying their jobs. And just imagine how nice it would be if people came to you with solutions, not just problems.

That happens for people who study in the coach certification course. They learn time-tested skills. And get to use them during the 10-weeks they’re in class!

Here are three reasons why you should think about pursuing the Q3LC leadership coach certification:

  1. Proven Results: People just like you have learned how to be better leaders and helped their organizations do better.
  2. Easy-to-use Tools: You’ll learn specific, step-by-step approaches to help you lead your team and make your team stronger.
  3. Diverse Community: You’ll get to connect with other Q3LC certified coaches from around the world who are learning and growing just like you.
    Don’t wait too long! The next cohort starts in less than two weeks.

Visit to apply today, and become the great leader your organization needs!


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