Are you planning your critical conversations?

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As an executive coach, I spend the majority of my time helping clients figure out exactly what to say at various points in their journey:

  • a career change
  • holding firm to a boundary
  • helping a disgruntled client or staff member
  • making a sale
  • asking for money
  • answering objections
  • firing someone

Whether business owners, middle managers, or nonprofit leaders, these critical conversations are the hinges that life pivots on. Success or failure. Energy or dread. Revenue or bankruptcy.

“The worst time to think about the thing you’re going to say is in the moment you are saying it.”
– Phil M. Jones

As a nerd, I love studying. Doing the research my clients don’t have time to do. A long time ago, I made a commitment to staying current so my clients could reap the benefits without having to do all the study.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the next leg in my own education: I’ve become an Exactly What To Say Certified Guide.

My friend Phil Jones is one of the best in the world at communicating with intent. He’s helped over a million people through his books alone, never mind years of trainings and keynotes.

I’m thrilled to be joining him and the other Guides as we work even more intentionally to help people communicate. Because if we change our words, we will change our world.

Learn more about the Guides I’m working with at:

And if you’re wondering exactly what to say, see if executive coaching or training is a good fit for your goals.


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