How to Simplify Fundraising with Tech at the #NPOCRM Summit

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#NPOCRM Nonprofit CRM SummitAre you afraid of tech? You’re not alone! If you’re a nonprofit leader, finding the time to adopt a new CRM (constituent relationship management) system, send donor thank you letters, keep contacts up to date, send annual tax receipts, and more can feel overwhelming.

The first of its kind, free, online only Nonprofit CRM Summit is here to help (grab your ticket here now since it runs August 1 – 12, 2016 and sessions are only free for a limited time).

While there are 20 great sessions over two weeks to help boost your skills, three stand out as fantastic for fundraisers (register for access to the up to date schedule):

  1. Marc Pitman’s masterclass on fundraising automation. If you subscribe to the Fundraising Coach blog, then you know Marc’s information and tips are invaluable! Marc’s session offers:
    • Examples of why fundraisers should manage their donor contacts in a shared system, not a never-ending series of spreadsheets.
    • Tips on the best fundraising practices to automate.
    • Clarification on the skills required for managing a CRM that are different from fundraising, and what to do about that skill gap.
  2. Julie Pham’s workshop on How to Create an Infographic at your Nonprofit. If raising funds for your organization is part of your responsibilities, you need to watch and learn from Julie’s creative (and affordable!) infographic solutions. She walks you step by step through a process for creating images, posters, and press pieces that can:

    • Publicize your work and your mission (translation → more and happier donors!)
    • Contribute to social change on your cause (translation → more success!)
    • Provide amazing opportunities for organic collaboration!
  3. Beth Kanter’s session on her upcoming book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit. Avoiding burnout is critical for any nonprofit leader, and Beth’s simple tips will help you to be successful in your career and your life. Learn about:
    • Healthy organizational culture
    • Steps you can take to establish healthy boundaries in the workplace
    • Incorporating three minutes of mindfulness a day to boost your productivity.

Marc, Julie, and Beth can only been seen together, along with 17 other world-class speakers, at the Nonprofit CRM Summit (#NPOCRM).

Get your free ticket now and tell your colleagues and friends to join!

Missy Longshore #NPOCRMMissy Longshore has been working in the nonprofit sector since 1999. With experience in operations, strategic planning, leadership, and management at a variety of mission based organizations, she has enjoyed the continuous ability to contribute to social change. Missy attended Smith College and obtained her MBA in Public and Nonprofit Management from Boston University. She is a certified Salesforce Developer, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Administrator and has been working with nonprofits and foundations on their Salesforce implementations since 2009. She lives in the San Francisco East Bay and enjoys hiking.


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