Kishshana Palmer

CEO, Kishshana & Co.

Founder, The Rooted Collaborative


Kishshana Palmer is the CEO of an organizational development learning company. She offers a mix of coaching and training she crafts into facilitative learning experiences, working primarily with CEOs, executive directors, and C-suite teams. She is particularly skilled at fortifying the people around the CEO so the systems and strategy are in place.

Kishshana is also a podcast host and an internationally recognized keynote and TEDx speaker.

Kishshana Palmer, Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach

Degrees and Experiences


  • BA in International Studies, Bentley University
  • Masters of Science in Information Age Marketing, McCallum Graduate School of Business, Bentley University


  • Clifton Strengths Certified Coach, Gallup
  • Certified Fundraising Executive, CFRE International
  • Certified Governance Trainer, BoardSource
  • AFP Master Training, Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • Certified Ombudsman
  • Certificate in Philanthropy, Harvard Kennedy School

Other Experiences

  • Member and Co-Chair of the Signature Education program, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
  • Associate Professor, Long Island University
  • Adjunct Faculty, Baruch College
  • Founder, The Rooted Collaborative

Why Choose the Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification?

Given her non-traditional approach to helping clients in leadership, she was looking for a framework that fit her lived experience. Most of what she was finding in the leadership space was testosterone-filled bro-marketing. Lots of hype and stress. Approaches completely out of step with her lived experience and inauthentic to her way of working with clients.

She was looking for a program that as authentic, something she could live out, and one that would allow her to transcend a specific niche or specialty as her business continued to grow.

“I needed a ‘sorting hat.’ I am super smart. I have lots of information in my mind at all times. And I can distill information very quickly. So I just needed a sorting hat so that I can be able to say, ‘These are the steps that I follow’ because I can be pulled off of topic. This program seemed like something I could use to pull myself back on track.”

What was the process like? Were there surprises?

“What surprised me was the depth of the program. I found that I would get to apply what I was learning in real-time. I was amazed that we could use what we were learning with our clients, even as we were learning it.

“I was also surprised that I wasn’t excluded from the transformational process. I found that, in order to be in this program, I would need to really put myself in the place of the person who I was coaching. To challenge or reaffirm my assumptions and things I thought were my values. That was a bonus.”

Would you recommend people do the Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification Program?

“Hell, yes! This certification challenged me, grew me, and gave me a format I can use to help others that is in line with my values. This program made me more confident. And I realized, I am good at this!”

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