Cherian Koshy

Chief Development Officer, Endowment Partners


Cherian Koshy has 25 years of experience working with nonprofits, specializing in nonprofit fundraising. As a coach and consultant, he’s led organizations to scale their revenue growth and build stronger teams, helping struggling nonprofits find strategies that give them back time and develop predictable success. He is also a popular speaker at industry events.
Cherian Koshy - Q3LC certified coach

Education and Experiences


  • Certified Fundraising Executive, CFRE International
  • AFP Master Trainer, Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • Chartered Advisor of Philanthropy, American College of Financial Services
  • Behavioral Economics Certification, Harvard University
  • Certified Scale Architect, Predictable Success & Les McKeown
  • Mind Genomic Certification (Preference Analysis)

Other Experiences

  • Board member, Association of Fundraising Professionals
  • Former Chair, Volunteer Iowa (Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service)

Why Choose the Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification?

Cherian applied for the Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach certification to get better at building his team. This program was perfect for giving him the strategies to do that. It also helped him work through the differences and overlap of individual goals versus organizational goals.

“What’s so helpful about the Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach certification is the ability to say, ‘We’ve got to understand what these people are saying about themselves, how these people approach problems and challenges in their lives.’ This is the higher hardwiring…”

What was the process like? Were there surprises?

“The certification taught me that it’s…really understanding how to move from delivery or a deliverable… to a much broader relationship with a client that has that entire person in mind.”

“The certification really helps me to have conversations with clients, to be able to see that there’s the individual people that have their own self-talk and their goals, but then you have the organizations and its collective cultural self-talk and its goals, and how those are different. Working through those pieces has been really exciting for me in the last several months of really diving into what this looks like.”

Would you recommend people do the Quadrant 3 Leadership Coach Certification Program?

“I have already!”

“Now that I have learned this, I feel much more confident approaching the client relationship.”

“This coaching certification solidified, for me, the journey that I was already on.”

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