Resources for your Leaders Journey

Get help you to work through the Quadrant 3 Leadership as written about in the book The Surprising Gift of Doubt.

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Working through the Quadrant 3 Leadership process is both parts exhilarating and hard work. These tools and assessments can help you confidently navigate this process.

Hardwiring Tools

For an objective ability battery of tests, look at the Highlands Ability Battery from The Highlands Company:

For a behaviour-based hardwiring assessment, check out Extended DISC:

For an understanding of how your motivations are hardwired, explore the Enneagram. The best way to do this is be ready books and talking to trusted teachers.

If you really want to take an assessment, please remember that unlike other assessments, these are just helping you start discerning. You are an expert on you – none of these assessments can definitively tell you what number you are. Three assessments worth looking at are:

Which Leadership Style are YOU?

It only takes 2-3 minutes!

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