Quadrant 3 Leadership
1-Day Intensive

What They Forgot to Tell You About Leadership!

As a leader, do you feel like you’re falling short?

Perhaps it’s gotten so bad you’ve even contemplated quitting your job and looking for a new one.

Most leaders feel unsure of themselves. It’s no wonder. They are thrust into leadership position without any of the help and tools necessary to succeed. Contrary to popular belief, people aren’t born leaders. Without the proper tools to succeed, it truly is scary at the top.

As the leader of your organization, you have to shoulder all the responsibility.

All eyes are on you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a roadmap to help you lead your organization in the right direction?  A process for making better decisions so you can increase your revenue, have fewer dead-end meetings, and boost your staff’s productivity?

Many leaders without the roadmap tell me they have a hard time sleeping at night. The stresses of their work keeps them up at night. The need to not let anybody down.

Conquer the “Leader’s sleepless night syndrome”

Leaders tell me that they are stressed for all sorts of reasons.  They say things like:

  • “I’m not sure I’m the right person for the job…”
  • “I’m worried that I’ll be ‘found out’ as not really having what it takes,” and
  • “I’m worried that I’ll let everybody down.”

This isn’t the type of stress that can just be left at the office. Often leaders fall into the trap of taking their stress home with them. Perhaps you’ve experienced this. If you have, then you know this stress is bad – crowding out your family, your friends, your own goals and even your sleeping habits.

And stress at the office is no good either. Staff leave. More fires and crises pop up. Revenue gets sporadic. Trust erodes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a process for facing your challenges?

“The Q3 Leadership Intensive showed me what type of leader I currently am and a direction for what type of leader I’d like to become.”

Kirsten Dean

Good news. There’s a leadership roadmap.

    “You should definitely come. The day intensifies your leadership principles and shows you how to not only become a better leader yourself but how you can share them with others in leadership or regular staff positions.”

    Dorian Richardson

    It’s not your fault if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

    You just haven’t been given the tools that the most effective leaders have. It normally takes them years to put together the tool chest full of the tools they need to succeed.  

    But we can shorten the process. You’ll get your roadmap and new tool chest at the Q3 Leadership Intensive.

    The roadmap that gives you a process for facing the challenges that keep coming at you. This roadmap will help you breathe easier and help create a more productive culture in your organization.

    In the full-day leadership intensive, you’ll:

    • learn the process that will reduce your stress
    • discover the nine tools for your tool chest that you’ll be able to use yourself and use to grow the leaders around you
    • leave with a new confidence in your own abilities that inspires trust from your staff

    These tools will help you to bring in more revenue. Retain top talent. And have fewer fires to put out.

      If you feel like you could use help becoming more of the leader you want to be, then fill out the application below.

      Each Q3 Leadership Intensive is focused on helping you in a safe and stress free environment, we limit the amount of people we accept into the intensive.

      So if you’re interested in becoming a more effective leader, here’s the 3-step process:

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      3. And join us to experience leadership transformation!

      “I’m fairly new in my role. So I was trying to figure out leadership styles, how to create a culture within my department, and how to set goals. All those tools were presented for me at the leadership intensive.”

      Jade Fountain

      “The leadership intensive will make me a stronger leader and help me better understand the different types of people on my team and in my organization.”

      Cameron Shurburtt

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