Quadrant 3 Leadership
1-Day Intensive

Leading is rewarding, but it sure is hard. Leaders have demands coming at them from all sides. And as a leader in today’s 24-hour world you can’t just close your office door on the demands. Even if it’s to grow your own leadership abilities.

So how are you supposed to grow? In your first jobs, you learned a skill that someone else said was valuable. When you got good enough at that skill, you were promoted to management – teaching others the skill. As a manager, you learned that being good with a skill wasn’t enough. You needed to learn to be good with people too.

February went so well, we’ve added May 23!

Eventually, you got so good at that, that someone promoted you to leading a team. But somehow, that person forgot that leading requires different skills than managing. As radically different as the difference between being good at a skill and being good with people. 

The problem is, people expect results now. Their confidence is somewhat nice, but It’s not fair but they believe you can produce them immediately. And you’re not sure where the results will come from. There seems to be no margin for error, so the while the different actions are required for different results, it’s easier to just do what was done before. 

With the demands for results now, the phone ringing, emails pinging, texts dinging, it’s almost impossible to get time to focus on learning leadership skills. 

A Quadrant 3 Leadership Intensive is perfect for you!

Leave the office for a short day. The demands will keep for a few hours. Join a group of other leaders in a day of practical, real growth.

You’ll leave with a roadmap for your personal leadership style. One custom fit for you. You’ll learn to use the things that make you unique and how to better identify those in others. You’ll learn why your communication isn’t as clear as you thought it was. And tricks to fix it. And you’ll learn how to make the conflicting demands stand up and work for you rather than you working for them.

You’ll leave feeling refreshed and confident. And with a plan that you will be able to use and expand even in your office.
  1. First, block May 23, 2019 on your calendar.
  2. Then fill out the application and set up a telephone interview to see if you qualify for the Leadership Intensive.
  3. Then make plans to join us in Greenville, SC on May 23!

Apply now to qualify for a $700 savings – only $297 for the entire day. (This super early bird offer will expire.)


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