Corporate Training

Developed in over 20 years of working with nonprofits, for-profit corporations and sales professionals resonate with the Concord Leadership Group’s approach to sales, strategy, and goal setting. They say it has the components of the best of the programs they are already familiar with. But they are surprised by the twist in CLG’s emphasis on being “human.” They say their sales and teams are transformed through understanding of how people work, how our natural hardwiring impacts our work, and putting it all together in growing a business and in selling. They get to reduce stress and make new discoveries without sacrificing any goal accomplishment.

In fact, our approach has helps businesses reach their revenue goals up to three times faster.

In the four months since the training, 2 out of the 3 year-long goals we set have been met and the amount of business we take in has increased by about 30%. The biggest benefit of the training was that we learned how to market the qualities that separate us from our competition and are clearly able to state reasons that our practice is unique in its field. This knowledge has helped our practice grow and has been instrumental in solidifying our reputation in the community for providing high quality Outpatient Orthopedic Services.

Philippa J. McGuire

Co-Director, Coastal Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Physical Therapy, ME

Corporate Services

Businesses find the most help from a sales training version of the popular Ask Without Fear!® process, from learning about storytelling, and from our ability to help help their teams work together better.

Ask Without Fear!® for Sales

Ironically, sales professionals are finding the fundraising process in nonprofit sector holds the secret to profitable, ongoing sales. You’ll learn:

  • how to figure out what parts of your product or service matter most to prospects;
  • how to identify and find your best prospects;
  • how to engage those prospects online and offline;
  • how to clearly make the sale;
  • how to answer objections and how to move forward despite objections;
  • and how to keep the relationship growing after the sale.

Storytelling for Sales and Profit

Storytelling is deeply wired into the “operating system” of human beings. This is backed both by the latest, cutting-edge research and by millenia of human experience. Despite this, most of us tend to be awful at storytelling. This training will help fix that. You’ll learn:

  • why storytelling is the best kept secret to successful sales;
  • what stories your company needs to be telling to prospects…and to its staff;
  • how to use basic story structure to shape your communication;
  • and how to make sure your are telling exactly the right stories to attract your perfect prospects.

Working Together as a Team

Human beings are incredibly talented…but also can be incredibly frustrating to work with. Our team trainings include ages old personality indicators, brand new research on natural abilities, and powerful self-assessments. Your team can choose from a mix of:

  • energetic basic personality work helping your team members see how each other views the world;
  • cutting edge research showing the core natural talents of each team member – and how they are often creating stress by working against them;
  • and our simple but powerful Jefferson Self-Assessment that helps realign teams based on skills and talents, helping you accomplish your goals in remarkably less time.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning process applies well to organizations and teams. Through a process of one-on-one interviews and on-site work, we will help your group wherever it is on the planning process. Whether you need to clarify your vision and mission, set up goals and objectives, clarify revenue and funding, or work on marketing, the CLG process will get your team on the same page.

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