Nonprofits face unprecedented challenges. Economic uncertainty is affecting even the most established nonprofit’s revenue. CEOs seem confident they have things under control - even though studies show boards and staff don’t agree. And alarming instances of ‘board bullying’ are increasing - where boards demean, harass, and micromanage the very executives they hired.

The common denominator? A nonprofit leadership vacuum affecting boards, CEOs and staff.

Nonprofit leadership affects everyone. A lack of unifying leadership can lead to board overreach and not setting proper priorities, staff that lack essential management skills, and volunteers who forget why they’re involved with the nonprofit in the first place.

Poor leadership leads to staff turnover, frustrated board members, estranged donors and competing fiefdoms and conflicting interests that make a current bad situation even worse. If not addressed, poor leadership will lead to underperformance or failure of many nonprofits.

Nonprofits need strong, confident leaders. CEOs that are agile enough to cope with constant change. Boards confident enough in their roles to back their executives. And staff at every level of the organization proud enough of their mission to take responsibility for their work.

That’s why Concord Leadership Group exists. For the past twenty-years we’ve been working with nonprofits at all levels to help:

  • Retain key staff by balancing the needs of their position with their skills and abilities
  • Stabilize or boost revenue by finding new money and appropriately retaining past donors
  • Cultivate leaders adept at accomplishing their mission without losing the big picture.

The Concord Leadership Group offers executive coaching, board and staff leadership training, and extended group coaching so that CEOs and executive directors don’t lead alone. And our approach works. Our clients express higher work satisfaction while working with CLG.

Based on public records, our clients see an average of 37% boost in revenue, even while other nonprofits in their sector lose millions of dollars.

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